According to the Decision No. 334/QĐ-TCHC on August 22nd, 2007 of the Headmaster of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities – Ho Chi Minh City National University, the Museum of Culture and History was formally established, named Museum of University of Social Sciences and Humanities. By October 2009, the Museum was changed its name to the Museum of Culture and History by the Decision No. 246/QĐ-TCHC on October 13th, 2009 of University Headmaster.

Through decades, many practical and real trips were held by the Universiry to serve researching and teaching History, Archaeology, Ethnography,…Our lecturers and students collected and donated a lot of valuable, rare items and materials which were multifrom and had sciencetific value. These are one of the most important premises to set up a special museum – the first university museum of universities system in Southern VietNam.

During operation, the Museum has also exchanged objects with many units in the country. Specially, making and implementing the Project ‘Invest in construction of the artifact collections, improve researching ability of the Museum of Culture and History (phase 1)’ enriched museum’s object collections much more.

Currently, the museum has inventoried  and registered 4,410 objects, ranged them into 136 scientific documents. Object documents are not only stored in writing but also digitalized in the ‘objects Managing’, the software program of Cultural Heritage Department .

Also, We have outlined and exhibited in an area approximately 200m2, with three different themes: ‘prehistory – history’, ‘ethic culture’, ‘burial culture’. In 2012, we are preparing for exhibition at two new rooms (total area about 375m2), those are: ‘History and culture of many mationalities in Vietnam’ and ‘trade and traditional trade village’.

Every school-year, the Museum welcomes about 8,000 participation, includes students and lecturers, who are studying and teaching at Linh Trung – Thu Duc, visit, study and rasearch. Moreover, the Museum makes effective practical and researching environment for 30 students from various majors as: Archaeology, Ethnography, Vietnammese History, Museum and Heritage, Vietnammese Study,…inside and outside university (ex: the University of Culture Ho Chi Minh city). Furthermore, the Museum has also created favorable conditions for media agencies introduction about many unique artifacts stored at the museum (Vietnam Television – VTV9, Ho Chi Minh City Television – HTV, Sai Gon Marketing,…).

In the developing strategic plan period 2011-2015 development, the Museum of Culture and History identifis: 

- The vision: the Museum of Culture and History is a museum of the university, contributing to concretize the development strategy of our University that’s to become a research university in the model of the modern international university system. The Museum also identified the potentials and advantages of researching and popularizing knowledge about the Social Sciences and Humanities in the Southern provinces of the country.

- The mission: the Museum is making the lofty mission is ‘bringing museum to lecture and give lecture to the museum’, closely match between training knowledge and educating about patriotism, the fine traditions of the nation, serve the industrialization, modernization of the country.

- The target: in the period 2011-2015, the Museum of  Culture and History gradually perfects the facilities serve to preserve, inventory and exhibit artifacts, completes regular exhibition system, builds content for the thematic galleries and exhibitions; disseminates scientific knowledge, and promotes scientific research, collecting, building the collection of artifacts, preventive maintaining and restoring artifact. The Museum also builds a strong team to undertake the work of the Museum, improve management, expertise and museum professional skills.
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