Oc Eo cultural relics In Nam Cat Tien National Park

Oc Eo is one of the cultural heritage of the milk comes from Vong commune, Thoai Son district, An Giang province, Vietnam. And was named by the French archaeologist Louis Malleret
Since 1977, archaeologists have studied Vietnam, reconnaissance and excavation on 90 sites, to clarify the scope of distribution, the type of monuments, relics of this culture. Including the current culture that as Go Thap (Dong Thap), Baron Go, Go Roc Bar (Long An) then one day spread to areas of Tien Giang, HCM City, Dong Nai, Vung Tau to Nam Cat Tien National Park (south eastern).

Oc Eo cultural relicsIn the 1920s, French archaeologists has used no photographs of southern Vietnam and discovered this place with many canals and other ancient cities. One of the canals has cut into the wall of a very wide area. Malleret try searching these structures on the ground and on February 10, 1944, he began to dig pits excavated. Malleret discovered relics and foundation works to prove the existence of a large commercial sites where the letter of Chinese president once described the kingdom of Funan. This area is approximately 450 hectares wide.

 In May 10.11 / 1985, in the northwest The majority ( majority Huoai district ) has detected a large archaeological site consists of several mounds bearing traces of brick architecture with stone borders have touched , she worship lingam , yoni , the Shiva linga embossed on canvas , circular stone columns , stone square foot spread pattern , Uma win some demon buffalo statue , stone axes , pottery and rings . Sites may contact the Oc Eo culture or Khmer Angkor and Champa culture of money to bring the cult of Shiva . However, over the location of sites near the residence of the Chu Ru and Care , one could argue that this is the most likely sites of Champa culture . The Chu Ru Cham language is very close and is considered mountainous Cham . They are the remnants of the Cham people running up the mountain after Vietnam won Champa University .

When to visit Nam Cat Tien National Park visitors can visit the ruins of Oc Eo culture in northwest The Da (Da Huoai)

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